New resources for couples

Three New HomeBuilders Studies for Couples

Family Life Ministry is bringing resources and encouragement to couples, whether they are newlyweds or celebrating their silver anniversary. Three new books from the “HomeBuilders Series for Couples” are being published in Italian in January 2017.

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Improving Communication in Your Marriage - Come Migliorare la Comunicazione nel Vostro Matrimonio

Communication has the power to make or break relationships.  Help your marriage by improving the way that you and your spouse communicate.  Gather with some friends and discover how to:

  • recognize the barriers to understanding each other
  • fight fair when conflict comes
  • support each other through trials 

Building Up Your Spouse - Come Valorizzare il Vostro Coniuge

Your spouse needs things that only you can give. By learning what these are, and how to give them, you can bring fresh life into your marriage. Both of you will discover how to lift each other up and cheer each other on. This 7-week small-group study for couples will encourage you to:

  • put the past in a healthy perspective
  • give each other room to try and fail
  • be accepted and accepting

Managing Pressure in Your Marriage - Come Affrontare le Tensioni nel Vostro Matrimonio

In life the pressure builds from the inside out and outside in, and it’s not going away anytime soon. But the two of you can learn to deal with it together. Join with your spouse and a group of friends for this 6-week study where you talk about:

  • making plans and decisions together
  • recognizing when and how to relax
  • looking out for each other

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