Agape In Action

Tangible help and spiritual hope

Agape in Action is the compassionate global aid ministry of Agape Italia. Our aim is to help each individual reach their maximum potential – body, mind and spirit – in an authentic way.

Sustainable, transferable and holistic. The goal of our various initiatives is to foster autonomous communities, both in Italy and abroad. Each project is a response to a request for help from the local area.

Want to partner or collaborate with us? We welcome those who share our vision and want to be part of our efforts in person and/or through financial contributions.

Holistic Approach

Our projects address the physical, material and spiritual needs of the person.


Partnering with others who share a common vision allows us to multiply the work we can accomplish.


Our goal is to serve others like the one whose example we follow, Jesus.

Current Projects

Day Center for Refugees in Rome

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a refugee. You have arrived in a foreign country that you’ve been told will be a safe place where you can work and start a new life. The problem is, you need documents to work. Some refugees have been waiting for their documents to be processed for years. Once you obtain the right documents you have a new hurdle to cross. It is difficult enough for Italians to find a job; it’s nearly impossible for a refugee.

New refugees arrive in Rome daily. They are alone and vulnerable. Our team of staff, ministry partners and volunteers offer a safe place. Here they find new friends who connect them with the resources they need.

Malawi, Africa

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Our partnerships in various villages in Malawi have spanned more than a decade. We:

  • drill wells for safe drinking water
  • assist with immediate needs to alleviate poverty
  • built a school
  • are building a health clinic to provide much needed care for pregnant women and children
  • provide scholarship assistance so students can attend high school and college

Want to know more about our projects and find out how you can get involved?