Who we are

Have you ever met someone who truly follows Jesus? Of the 1.6 million university students in Italy, most never have. We are a movement of people passionate about making Jesus known. We help university students grow in their relationship with Jesus so that they can have an impact on those around them for Christ – now, and wherever God leads them after their studies.


Do you want to explore who Jesus is, his claims and how they impact us today?



Are you looking for meaningful relationships and a vibrant community?

University Life

Would you like to connect personally with visiting professors and practice English conversation for free? 


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Do you love to dive into discussions about deep spiritual questions? We do too! We also like to have fun. Depending on the day, we are at the University of Bologna meeting new students, reading the Bible together and learning how it’s message impacts our lives, watching a movie and discussing the spiritual themes, or practicing English conversation at an aperitivo. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome to join us.



Join us to learn more about God and study the Bible to better understand who Jesus is. Students from every spiritual background are welcome. As we learn, and share with others about God’s story of love and redemption found in the gospels we make a lasting impact on our university campuses. You can find us at several universities in Rome: La Sapienza, Roma Tre, Tor Vergata and more.


Our desire is to have a positive, lasting impact on Florence. By partnering with cultural, humanitarian and student associations we work to change the social and spiritual climate of the university. We organize free conversations in English, aperitivos, bible studies, and we invite foreign professors to give lectures at the university. We believe that together we can make a difference by serving others. Join us!

Find articles, videos, photos and other resources on our website for students.

Ways to get involved

Would you like to start an Agape movement on your campus? Perhaps you are not a student, but are passionate about students knowing Jesus. We would love to hear from you and help equip you to start a movement in your city or share how you can support our work.

CaraDonna Mostra Fotografica

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Agape Roma hosted a photo exhibit called CaraDonna (Dear Girl in Italian). In four photography sessions leading up to the event, we invited women to write a message to other women on their bodies and be photographed. We enjoyed making deeper connections with many people, hearing their stories, and talking about God’s love for women and his desire to know them personally.


AperiTopics is a regular event for students to come together as a community of friends and share their perspectives about life. Everyone is welcome. AperiTopics is a safe place for you to share your opinions and ideas, no matter what they may be.