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Our Focus

We focus on five major areas of impact – students, families, sports, compassionate service, and resources.


Students are the future leaders of society. We are committed to impacting their lives. Agape Italia (and Cru) first began on university campuses. Our teams in Rome and Bologna provide a variety of social, spiritual, and cultural activities for students.


Families are the foundation of Italian society. Our Family Life ministry strengthens marriages according to Biblical principles. Through conferences and small group studies, couples are given tools to improve their relationship.


All athletes want to grow in their sport. Our Athletes in Action team helps athletes grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally so that they become lifelong leaders and influencers.

Compassionate Service

Compassionate Service expresses the kindness of Jesus to people from all walks of life. We partner with local churches and other organizations to offer tangible help and spiritual hope in Italy and internationally.


Resources in the Italian language equip followers of Jesus to offer new life and spiritual hope through film, books, Bible studies, evangelistic materials, and discipleship seminars.


Agape is a Greek word that refers to the unconditional, limitless love of God. 

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Agape Italia is part of an international movement involving various expressions of Christian faith. Known as Cru in the USA and Agape Europe, we aim to introduce Jesus Christ, his love, and his ability to transform people’s lives so that “the new life in Christ,” if concretely lived, can have a beneficial impact on all areas of private and social life.